Workshop scope

The Web of Data has seen tremendous growth recently. New forms of structured data have emerged in the form of knowledge graphs, Web markup, such as, as well as entity-centric data in Web tables. Considering these rich, heterogeneous and evolving data sources which cover a wide variety of domains, exploitation of Web Data becomes increasingly important in the context of various applications, including dataset search, question answering and fact verification. These applications require reliable information on dataset characteristics, including general metadata, quality features, statistical information, dynamics, licensing, and provenance. Lack of a thorough understanding of the nature, scope and characteristics of data from particular sources limits their take-up and reuse, such that applications are often limited and focused on well-known reference datasets.

The objective of this workshop is to bring together researchers and practitioners interested in the development of techniques for dataset profiling and deriving quality analytics, as well as performing dataset search and dataset retrieval on the Web while taking dataset profiles into account. We are interested in approaches to analyse, characterise and discover data sources. We aim to discuss technologies addressing data profiling and search – including semantics, information retrieval for Web Data (ranking algorithms and indexing), in particular in the context of decentralised and distributed systems, such as the Web. We want to facilitate a discussion around data search across formats and domain-specific applications.

PROFILES’20 will gather novel works from the fields of semantic query interpretation, entity-centric and event-centric Web data search, dataset selection and discovery, as well as automated profiling of datasets using scalable data assessment and profiling techniques. PROFILES’20 will equally consider both novel scientific methods and techniques for querying, assessment, profiling, discovery of distributed datasets, as well as the application perspective, such as the innovative use of tools and methods for providing structured knowledge about datasets, their evolution, and fundamentally, the means to search and query Web Data. We will seek application-oriented, as well as more theoretical papers and position papers.


The complete set of papers will be published with the CEUR Workshop Proceedings (, listed by the DBLP.

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